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b-hind-ths-hazl-eyes asked: Margaret or Angela?

;________; this is difficult, but i have to pick my dear margaret 

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  • two songs
  • two bands
  • two actors
  • two actresses
  • two singers
  • two movies
  • two books
  • two characters
  • two ships
  • two shows
  • two anything

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you are all a lost generation…

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lmao this show is so fucking gay it isn’t even subtle

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is it just me or is this conversation about will fantasizing about killing hannibal very homoerotic

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eclectictsunami replied to your post: hey I just wanted to let everyone know…

are there any fandoms other than BE you’re in/have caps for? because i will totally request things i love requesting things

yeaa, i have stuff for twd and true detective and shameless, and i watch vikings, hannibal, b99, breaking bad etc. 

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"I can no longer apologize to Joan, I hope my apology will mean something to those of you who love her most. Some of you may know me, or of me…I was one of Christina’s closest friends for over 25 years. I blindly went along with her nonsense, without question, or thought, or regard for what she did to defame one of the most talented actresses in the world, who worked her whole life to entertain people, and make them happy. I am no longer speaking to Christina, partly because of the person she has become. Yes, there was abuse in that house, but I honestly believe that Joan was at her wits end with what to do with this horrible, stubborn, ungrateful adopted child. I’m at my wits end with what to do with this horrible, stubborn, ungrateful 75 year old woman. Except that I can walk away. Joan couldn’t. My mother [Patty Andrews] was very famous too. She died last year, and though my life was not all sunshine and lolly pops either-I could have written a book-I chose to consider every show, song or movie that she did, as a badge of honor, and pride, that I was lucky enough to be a part of. I would no more write a book full of crap, and "poor me-s" now that she is dead, and deprive the world from knowing her as the legend that she and her sisters were. That is the chicken shit way. So Miss Joan Crawford- I have always loved your acting. I am sorry I did not defend you, when you were no longer here to defend yourself. I am sorry that I participated in Christina’s hateful attempt to destroy your legacy. And more than anything, I am sorry that your good deed caused you so much pain. Iva Bernice (Christina’s birth mother whom I tracked down for her about 20 years ago- pre computer) dodged a bullet. I’m sorry Miss Crawford that you didn’t."- Pam DuBois.

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"I know I am somebody ‘cause God don’t make no junk." -Ethel Waters

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make me choose between two things
↳ bewaretheweres asked: richard harrow or nucky thompson?

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do you ever think about who you’d be shipped with if your life was a tv show 

i do now

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halffacedwhiteboy made me choose: Angela Darmody or Maybelle White

I don’t know what I am. Except something I’m not supposed to be. 

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